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The Knowledge & Skills Framework

'Transforming Psychological Trauma: A Knowledge & Skills Framework' (downloadable below) lays out the essential and core knowledge and skills needed by all tiers of the Scottish workforce to ensure that the needs of children and adults who are affected by trauma are recognised, understood and responded to in a way which recognises individual strengths, acknowledges rights and ensures timely access to effective care, support and interventions for those who need it.

The framework also has an essential focus on staff well-being, and is designed to support managers and supervisors to recognise the learning and development needs of staff in the workplace and trainers to develop training to meet these learning needs.

The Training Plan

The Scottish Transforming Psychological Trauma Training Plan (downloadable below) provides essential guidance and planning tools to support:

  • Workers, managers and organisations to identify their own trauma training needs with reference to the Trauma Framework
  • Service managers and commissioners to develop or commission training to address the needs of their organisations and workers
  • Training providers to develop and deliver high quality trauma training
  • An understanding of key principles to bear in mind in developing and commissioning trauma training
  • An understanding of organisational factors that will support and maintain the translation of training into practice.

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