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What is the National Trauma Training Programme (NTTP)?

In 2018 and 2019 the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government made a commitment to preventing adverse childhood experiences (ACES) and to supporting the resilience and recovery of all children and adults affected by trauma. This commitment is anchored in the long-standing national approach of Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC).

There are currently four key areas for action which are being taken forward in partnership with stakeholders across the country,:

  1. Providing inter-generational support for parents, families and children to prevent ACEs
  2. Reducing the negative impact of ACEs for children and young people
  3. Developing adversity and trauma-informed workforce and services
  4. Increasing societal awareness of trauma and adversity and supporting action across communities

On the third area for action, the Scottish Government has provided over £1.5million investment to date in a National Trauma Training Programme, led by NES, to support our shared ambition of a trauma-informed and trauma-responsive workforce across Scotland. The programme is based on the NES Knowledge and Skills Framework for Psychological Trauma, (2017) which has been integrated into numerous workforce development plans across Scotland, and replicated in countries around the world. The Programme has produced a wide range of universally accessible core resources, including a leadership development component, to support all sectors of the workforce to upskill staff to the appropriate level of trauma informed practice and critically to embed and sustain this model of working.

The National Trauma Training Programme is currently funded until 2023, and is overseen by a National Steering Group, chaired by the Deputy First Minister of Scotland. The group includes representation from senior leaders from across the workforce including justice services, social work, health, education, housing, local government, the care sector as well as experts by experience. The group meets biannually and last met on 29 September 2020.

Our overarching vision is to develop a trauma informed and responsive nation and workforce, that:

  • is informed by people with lived experience
  • recognises the importance of wellbeing in the workforce
  • recognises where people are affected by trauma and adversity
  • responds in ways that prevent further harm
  • supports recovery
  • and can address inequalities and improve life chances

The information on this website provides links to key trauma training resources from the National Trauma Training Programme that are openly available to support all members of the Scottish workforce to work towards this vision.

We invite you to watch Dr Sandra Ferguson, lead for the National Trauma Training Programme, for more information: 

Click to watch video.