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Do you support the recovery of people affected by trauma?

If you are a worker who has a specific remit to respond to people known to be affected by trauma AND are required to provide advocacy support or psychological therapies or interventions OR are required to adapt the way you work to take into account trauma reactions to do your job well and reduce risk of retraumatisation OR are required to manage these services then you are likely to be working at a 'Trauma Enhanced' or 'Specialist' level. This type of practice is likely to require significantly more training to support and may require some background or pre-requisite knowledge and skills as part of planning to deliver services safely and effectively to people affected by trauma.

The Scottish Psychological Training Plan (linked below) has been developed to enable all organisations locally and nationally to effectively develop and sustain a workforce that is able to respond to the needs of everyone affected by psychological trauma. It is designed to support the local implementation of the Trauma Framework (linked below) throughout Scotland and the range of professions, workers, organisations and systems that exist locally and nationally.

The Scottish Psychological Training Plan has been co-produced with employers and experts with lived experience and provides essential guidance and planning tools to support:

  • Workers, managers and organisations to identify their own trauma training needs with reference to the Trauma Framework
  • Service managers and commissioners to develop or commission training to address the needs of their organisations and workers
  • Training providers to develop and deliver high quality trauma training
  • An understanding of key principles to bear in mind in developing and commissioning trauma training
  • An understanding of organisational factors that will support and maintain the translation of training into practice

Please see below for links to both the Scottish Psychological Training Plan and the Trauma framework for guidance on how to support the recovery of people affected by trauma. 

In addition, the NES Psychology team has developed some training packages for staff working primarily in Health and Social care:

  • Safety and Stabilisation. This is delivered via our trained trainers, usually in health and social care settings
  • Survive and Thrive. This is delivered via the NES Psychology trauma team in line with agreed governance standards.

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