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Learning from the voice of lived experience

What people affected by trauma told us they need from the Scottish workforce:


  • “[She] is a tremendous listener, she really hears me. She remembers, she knows, she offers guidance. [She says] ‘I am willing if you are’ rather than talking about her expertise.”
  • “We don’t heal because we see a psychologist, I heal because I have been given the skills to release the pain.”
  • “Don’t try to make it right, but hold people in their pain and remind them they won’t be crushed by the pain.”
  • “[She was] genuine, calm, fair, truthful. Never reactive when I have been defiant and unreasonable. I can trust her judgement. She can tell the truth and even if I don’t like it I will take it.”


Many of us will have had experiences of trauma, and in planning trauma informed approaches and training, we need to integrate the knowledge and wisdom that people with lived experience of trauma bring.

We invite you to watch the videos below on this topic.

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