Thank you for completing this Transforming Psychological Trauma workforce training needs self-assessment tool. The practice level most relevant to your current job role is Trauma Informed

On this page you can find information about the training resources relevant to your own needs. You can save this page as a pdf for later offline use. To do this from your browser toolbar select PRINT and then select the option to save as PDF. The links will remain usable on each page.

You can find all of the training resources available from the national trauma training programme here:

We believe the whole Scottish workforce would benefit from being trauma informed. The knowledge and skills required to work at this level are indicated in pages 28-36 of the Transforming Psychological Trauma Knowledge and Skills Framework, and summarised on page 40 of the Training plan.
In summary it includes;

  • An understanding of what psychological trauma is and how it can impact people.
  • Knowledge of the impact of psychological trauma and adversity on access to care, support and treatment.
  • Knowledge of trauma informed relationships, recovery and trauma informed care, and the benefits of these.
  • Knowledge of the impact of trauma on the self, and how to manage this.