Glasgow City Council - Pledge

Glasgow City Council was chosen as one of three National Training pilot sites for Level 1 ‘Informed’ & 2 ‘Skilled’ (Psychological) Trauma Training. The successful bid to the National Steering Group for Trauma proposed targeted delivery of Level 1 & 2 Trauma Training to staff working within Adult Services and to services where there is a high prevalence Trauma experienced by the service user population. The engagement and commitment of Management and Leaders across an organisation is essential for the successful implementation of Trauma Informed Practice, and in the development of Trauma Informed Organisations. The training plan developed across the City will concentrate on the delivery of a training pathway not only to frontline staff but to managers in order to facilitate the systemic change required to support trauma informed practice development across the organisation. Currently we have two online courses already available to meet the identified general workforce need. Work has started on scoping out the requirements of the skilled awareness course utilising the expert support of colleagues in Social Work and Psychological Services. An organisational programme will be delivered to engage employees on the importance of the trauma informed approach across all Council services. We intend linking this work to the already successful work of our Nurturing City approach which aims to ensure that all children and young people learn in a safe and nurturing environment. This programme requires all schools and nurseries to have undertaken the ‘All Behaviour is Communication’ course and to have spent time learning about the 6 Principles of Nurture. There are also two enhanced courses available which support the general school environment and for staff who are involved in a targeted nurture service. We also plan to set up a lived experience reference group to inform the development of a trauma informed organisation.