Includem - Pledge

Includem is a Scottish charity supporting children, young people, and their families, who are facing difficult challenges in their lives. Our trust-based, inclusive model of support is centred on the needs of each young person. We help young people make positive life choices and empower them to transform their lives, creating better outcomes for young people, families and their communities. Includem fully commits to the Trauma Informed Leadership Pledge. We will ensure our systems and practices fully support people who have experienced trauma. We put relationships at the heart of all we do, built on dignity, respect, trust, and empowerment. We will fully involve our people to continuously adapt and improve to create a safe environment for those who have experienced trauma, where they can recover and thrive. We will build our quality assurance systems to learn from individual stories. We will upskill our workforce to understand the impact of trauma so all we can work together to practice kindness and compassion within and out with the workplace. We will offer specialist training so our staff have the skills to respond to psychological trauma and will embed this into our supervision processes to ensure these practices run deep throughout the organisation. We will support a culture across the organisation which supports each other, values staff who have experienced trauma in their own lives and creates opportunities to share their experiences if they want to. We will prioritise wellbeing and will implement policies and practices to ensure our people are listened to and properly supported. We will ensure our leaders model the values of trauma informed practice by communicating and collaborating with others to overcome challenges and manage change. Our leaders will actively remove any culture of shame or blame and recognise the strengths and potential of our people and teams.