North Lanarkshire HSCP - Pledge

We will demonstrate our commitment by further adopting and embedding a trauma informed culture across the workforce, and local communities, in collaboration with our partners. We will ensure our workforce are fully supported through the delivery of trauma informed care and practice across all services. The key factors will be: People: valuing the lived-in experience of all, actively listening, learning and involving people in service design, decisions and delivery. Gathering people’s stories to highlight the difference in people’s lives. We cannot underestimate the impact of covid in both personal and professional lives therefore the health and wellbeing of all will be interlinked to offer further support. Practice: Trauma Informed Practice will be on team agendas to promote/develop further understanding and practice. The Transforming Psychological Trauma Implementation Coordinators (TPTICs) will facilitate introductory leadership sessions with identified leaders. Priorities: A work plan will be agreed through an operational group to agree priorities via an organisational trauma walk through. This will highlight the understanding and awareness already in place in our teams, communities, partnerships, relationships, ongoing initiatives/developments, and identify gaps and priority areas to develop a coordinated, collaborative plan to progress the trauma informed agenda.