Seamab - Pledge

Seamab is a charity that cares for and educates children who may have experienced significant trauma and who have complex needs requiring specialised support. We support children and young people aged five and upwards from all across Scotland. We fully support this pledge and we will put trauma informed and responsive practice at the heart of everything we do. We use Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy (PACE) in all of our work, operating within a therapeutic framework across the organisation. We recognise and value the importance of relationships that explore attachment and, where possible, keep teams around the child consistent to develop safety, trust, confidence and resilience. We are committed to underpinning our practice through Dyadic Developmental Practice (DDP) approaches. We will actively seek to learn from the children and young people in our care, understanding what we do well and what we need to improve upon, gathering their stories to influence our practice and to inform across the sector. We will ensure we use our environments, both indoors and outdoors to support emotional regulation, developing a sensory attuned approach to our indoor spaces. We will be creative in our approaches utilising Theraplay and play therapy within our work with young people in care and educational settings. We appreciate the importance of rhythm, routine and repetition in habits and activities. We will value workforce wellbeing, committing to reflective supervision, providing the space for debriefs and reflective conversations and using external consultants to support the staff team, allowing emotional regulation and reflection on experiences. We will support staff training in providing a trauma informed therapeutic approach, continuing to deliver our improvement plans. We will actively support staff to put skills and knowledge they have learnt in training into practice.