Ypeople - Pledge

Ypeople is a charity that helps people make positive changes in their lives across Scotland. We understand that we all have unique journeys through life. We respect this and we adapt what we do to meet people’s needs, whatever they might be. We put the experiences of those we support first. We listen and work alongside those with lived experience because learning from those with first-hand experience is the best way to deliver the most effective strategies. Our approach and delivery of service’s have been consciously designed to take account of the emotional needs of those we support and promotes psychological safety for staff. All staff are trauma informed practitioners and work within Psychologically Informed Environment’s. For our services All aspects of our services, from physical environments to our recruitment and evaluation processes, are based upon the importance of our relationships with those we support. Staff are supported to develop an understanding of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours of the people we support, to enhance how we build and maintain these relationships. Our approach and established framework have been shown to improve outcomes for the people we support. For our people With its emphasis on relationships, the approach fits well with our values of Respect, Integrity, Reflective, Aspirational and Compassion. Staff wellbeing and psychological safety is promoted, and staff have protected time to engage in reflective practice with colleagues. We recognise where people are affected by trauma, as well as their unique strengths and values. What to expect Staff are trained to understand trauma, adverse childhood experiences and how these can impact on the ways in which the people we support experience their world and relationships. Our approach builds on the knowledge and skills that staff and the people we support already hold and encourages a more reflective way of working. Staff have the chance to embed what they have learned in training and build upon their own prior knowledge. Staff have opportunities to engage in various wellbeing supports and self-care is encouraged.